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The CSI (Continuous Service Improvement) Toolkit provides everything you need to run and manage a Service Improvement initiative within your organization. Included in the toolkit is over 2 hours of instruction on how the toolkit can be used to lower support costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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The Continuous Service Improvement Toolkit includes:

CSI (Continuous Service Improvement) Executive Scorecard Workbook

A balanced scorecard for Senior Management that shows the Service Desk value KPIs, how to calculate the KPIs and how to show the results in a fully formatted scorecard that will take your Service Desk data and elevate it to demonstrate value to Senior Management.

CSI (Continuous Service Improvement) Process Guide

Implement a Service Improvement wrapper around your existing processes of Service Desk, Incident, Problem and Service Request Management. The guide includes: Steps to follow to enable service improvement, CSI Process Roles, CSI Process Activities including a RACI Matrix. For full table of contents click here.

CSI (Continuous Service Improvement) Approach Consideration

Learn how Service Improvement can be introduced and which parts of the organization should be approached and with the appropriate message.

Survey Framework

The Executive Scorecard has two satisfaction based KPIs. This guide explains the ITSM Coach survey methodology and why a surveying methodology (as opposed to just asking questions) is important when tracking improvement over time. It is a pre-requisite to using the ITSM Coach surveying tool to send and manage satisfaction surveys to end users and IT Staff.

Sample SD (Service Desk) Maturity Assessment Report

This shows what your Maturity Assessment reports will look like once it has been complete in ITSM Coach.

Sample SIP Briefing Package

A PowerPoint template that has the messages and slides already pre-built as to how to present.

Sample Communication Management Plan

Shows how to communicate your improvement action timeline to your team/the organization.

DIY (Do It Yourself) CSI Introduction

This is a slide deck that will be made available as a web recording to walk through how to use all the part of the tool.

Action Plan

One document is missing and that is the 'Action Plan Template' this demonstrate how you take a 'Tactical Tree' and build out tasks that can be assigned to individuals to complete.

Consistent Classification Methodology

Reinvent your incident ticket classification system to be based around services that will enable consistent classification across all your operational processes.

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