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Our Philiosophy at ThinkITSM

ThinkITSM Philosophy


Life is too short to inflict pain on customers. We don’t promise to eliminate pain, all worthwhile change involves some discomfort; but we intend to make working with us a positive experience.

ThinkITSM Philosophy


We like to have fun and take pride in our products. We want our customers to have fun and enjoy using our tools. We are a group of Practitioners who get excited about the possibilities that ITSM can be a catalyst for positive change in an organization.

ThinkITSM Philosophy


Our products are priced affordably not because they are inexpensive, but rather because we want as many organizations as possible to achieve the benefits of having IT support done right. Nothing makes us feel better than when someone tells us they got value from their investment and time.

ThinkITSM Philosophy


We know enough to know what we don’t know. We are open to personal and professional growth. We like learning, new ideas and perspectives. We know that no one individual has a monopoly on good ideas. We like to listen.