Define Measure Acheive. Repeat
  • Real world practitioners guide you through your ITIL or ITSM project. Providing their expertise in relation to the task you are performing.
  • Our online assessment lets you know your strengths and weaknesses so you know where to focus improvement changes.
  • This Dashboard is a great reference guide developed to help you understand trends within Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • This screen explains why the number of incidents solved at the help desk is fluctuating and explains why these indicators are changing.
  • We make surveying IT customers easy. You pick the questions and we send out your surveys, collect results and provide your score.
  • This is a sample view of your survey respondent scores, a visual which can be used to understand why you scored so high (or low).
  • This screen shows why the average time it takes to solve an incident could be rising.

When do you need ITSM Coach?

Are you...

  • checkmark Buying or upgrading a help desk tool or
  • checkmark Wanting to implement IT best practice frameworks such as ITIL, ITSM, COBIT
  • checkmark Sending staff on ITIL or Process training
  • checkmark Dealing with frustrated end users
  • checkmark Wanting to improve IT support and are not sure where to turn

We can help!

  • checkmark We partner with you to make simple but effective changes to your IT support
  • checkmark We remove complexity and cost from ITIL and ITSM implementations
  • checkmark We provide ongoing education and inspiration on how to continually improve IT
  • checkmark ITSM Coach automates the help desk continual improvement lifecycle
  • checkmark Our tools analyze data captured in your help desk tool(s) with incredible visuals
  • checkmark We give you access to mine ideas from published industry recognized experts
  • checkmark ThinkITSM is SaaS based, completely secure, easy to use and you have nothing to download!
  • checkmark Transforming your Help Desk into a Valuable Business Asset
  • checkmark Understanding your strengths and areas for improvement
  • checkmark Prioritizing your business outcomes and communicate help desk goals
  • checkmark Learning how happy your end users are with your help desk
  • checkmark Viewing your survey results in an easy to read screen
  • checkmark Understanding why you scored so high (or low)

Written by: Michael Oas, ThinkITSM Expert Coach

Define a consistent classification structure for your organization!

Service Improvement Education

Kick-start your Service Improvement Plan!

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Use ITSM Coach to guide you through your service desk improvement process.

ITSM Coach provides step by step guidance from several of the world’s leading IT consultants as to how you can set up, run, measure performance and continually improve your service desk. ITSM Coach works alongside your current service desk tool.

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